Trees are the Soul of the Earth

Trees are the soul of the earth.  I was surprised to learn that the UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with just 4% native woodland cover. A new campaign launched by The Woodland Trust aims to have one new tree planted for every tree that already exists.   If you have land, the 'More Trees, More Good' campaign can help you with a range of funding and grant opportunities and free tree packs for communities. 

"We need to plant 20 million trees each year to double our native woodland."

Watch the video campaign and find out what tree type you are with this mini quiz created by The Woodland Trust.  I hope I'm an oak!

Poetry in Lighting

Italian designer Sandro Santantonio has created the Semjase floor lamp for Lucente.

"Technology, design and poetry are the guide lines that have taken to the planning of this floor lamp, having big dimensions, and designed to be an elegant piece of furniture," say Lucente.  The shape of a bow, slender and fluid, offers a very wide lighting area with an adjustable lighting head.

The C shaped floor lamp hugs the area with its dew drop shape.  Reminiscent of the classic Arco lamp, this is a decorative, beautiful and functional piece.

Sock Monkeys!

It could be due to the hot weather in Hertfordshire, but I thought I'd show you this art work from Habitat - Sock Monkeys by Arne Svenson.  A happy monkey start to the week.

Weekend Giveaway!

Summer automatically has us drawn to spending as much time as possible in the garden. If you’re too hot or tired to go shopping why not check out CSN Stores’ comprehensive online shopping sites where you can find everything from lights to cookware to furniture. CSN Stores have teamed up with Bright Space Design and are giving away £20 to spend on any of the CSN Stores' websites.

To win please visit,, or and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random next week. Have a great weekend and good luck!

And the winner is.... Jenny.  Congratulations, your £20 voucher is on the way.

Eclectic Contemporary Living Space

Let your eyes dance around this eclectic multi-layered living room in Shelter Island, New York, which combines old and new, contemporary and antique, with old rugs and modern white furnishings set against a white backdrop. 

IMAGES & LINKS:  Photographer: Tim Street-Porter,

Eco Chic Floors

"Green" 100% solid wood flooring, laminate or engineered is available from  The company are promoting their environmentally-friendly polices with flooring supplies certified as coming from well-managed sustainable forests and responsible sources. Their website lets you select from the many types type of flooring available and provides a link to say “why is this product green?’
Here's their Kahrs Hampshire Engineered Oak Wood Flooring.


Willow Wallpaper

Harlequin's latest range includes this Willow wallpaper.  Here it looks serene, complimented with the soft pale green sofa, and a beautiful starburst mirror.
Willow wallpaper from the Bakari range, by Harlequin


Central Park on a Cushion

The Designer's Guild summer sale has just started.  Love this beautiful Central Park appliquéd and embroidered cushion with an apple green reverse and black trim.  It's from the Designer's Guild children's range but I think it would look great in my living space.

A Concert Tour with Sketchbooks

Thousands of artists will have their sketchbooks on tour in 2011 before entering the permanent collection on display at the Brooklyn Art Library.  Anyone from anywhere in the world can become part of the project.  You can order your 5.5 x 8.5 inch Moleskine Cahier sketchbook online, choose a theme from those listed, or let them pick one for you at random.  Once you have filled your sketchbook, you return it to the library where it will be barcoded with its unique number which allows you to keep track of your book and who views it at every tour date, or borrows it from the library, and find statistics about it for years to come.  This year 1,148 sketchbooks were showcased.  To find out more visit
Have a great weekend - I'm off to pick my sketchbook theme.

Parisian Green

Paris' Champs Elysees went green this spring as the entire avenue was covered with greenery and flowers.  Artist Gad Well's exhibit "Nature Capitale" transformed the beautiful city.  French farmers wanted to hold the event to bring awareness to their struggling industry in the current economic climate. Country bumpkins mixed with city dwellers in this celebration of everything green where everything from lettuce to sheep and pigs was on display.  A farmers' market with a difference!  Ooh la la.
Photography: Mathieu Marquer

IMAGES & LINKS: Photo:  © kgodkin

Dream Studio

Apple store concept designer, Tamotsu Yagi, likes to combine old and new, wood and metal, classic and contemporary, to create an eclectic feel.  He believes "good design is about the nature of things, and remembering that no detail is too small".  Yagi's beautiful San Francisco studio is expansive, bright and inspiring, with a floor made of recycled wooden "each one is unique" boards, and a huge collection of unusual objects, often items associated with nature and the elements.  Wood and white surfaces dominate the inspiring studio space where inspirational objects are displayed on a long display table.  How wonderful it would be to work in a studio just like this. 

IMAGES & LINKS:, Elle Decoration (UK)

Argentinian Retreat

A concrete house in the forest of Mar Azul, Argentina.

Designed by BAK Architects.
Photography by Gustavo Sosa Pinilla.


Fascinating Ammonites

Ammonites were aggressive creatures with extremely large eyes, and could hunt at night.  They became extinct 74 million years ago.  Now regarded as beautiful fossils, this amazing Mantelliceras African Ammonite weighs over 29 kilos and is 47cm in diameter.  To see more visit 

IMAGES & LINKS: The Fossil Store, UK

Avid Readers Create Amazing Bookstore

Wallpaper made of real books, books hanging from ceilings and light fixtures. This is a book lover's paradise. Owner and architects, all avid readers, teamed up to create an amazing homage to books at the McNally Jackson Bookstore, Manhattan, in New York's Nolita neighbourhood. 

A scattering of books hangs precipitously from the ceiling, as if a pile of books had been thrown into the sky and frozen.
Running along the wall is a series of folding single tables, carefully crafted to resemble a folded book when closed.

McNally Jackson Books is one of the largest independent booksellers in downtown Manhattan. The owner's wish was to make the café into a place evocative of literature.

The curved wall surrounding the seating area is covered in wallpaper made entirely of open spine books, the texture of the print adds a rippling effect of restless pages.
The new menu is made of food-related quotes lit by four light fixtures, each dedicated to the many editions of a singular book.
Designed by Front Studio, New York
Photography by Maggie Soladay

Cool White Summer

The bed looks sumptuous, soft and white.  The setting looks ideal.  The White Company tap into our desire to sleep outdoors.  Not sure if by the swimming pool is quite the right location but it's a great image to daydream with.
IMAGES & LINKS: The White Company,

Sleeping Outdoors

This is a beautiful space isn't it?  It almost feels like sleeping here you'd be sleeping outdoors - but in absolute comfort.
IMAGES & LINKS: Jeremy Levine

Art Creates Art

I love the way nothing matches yet everything matches in this interior design setting. This is a great way to offset the starkness of a new-build or inject character and personality into a lifeless space.

A Naturally Wonderful Week

I'm a Nature Detective.  I've joined the Woodland Trust and now I've teamed up with thousands of other nature lovers across the UK who observe and record their findings on the internet to help scientists and conservationists understand the impact of climate change.  You don't have to be an expert to take part and you can record as little or as much as you can.  Here are some bluebells I spotted last week...

If you want to take part go to

His and Hers Wardrobe

One more from Sex and the City 2 - Big and Carrie's walk-in wardrobe.  Sophisticated, organised and huge.  Have a great weekend!

Sex and the City does Interior Design

A stunning blown-glass chandelier by Lindsey Adelman Studio is a showstopper in this sophisticated hallway in Sex and the City 2 where Carrie puts her stylistic efforts into creating a home with new husband, Big.  I love the gorgeous cappuccino-coloured wallpaper and those elegant light stands displayed symmetrically.
Scroll down for more of Carrie and Big's apartment.
Photographer: Craig Blankenhorn

Carrie and Big’s bedroom has that comfortable lived in glamour New York style and makes the most of pattern and texture. The windows are typical New York and sit easily on each side of the custom-made headboard which is covered in Kravet fabric and creates an interesting contrast against the neutral Rococo Stripe wallpaper by Cole & Son from Lee Jofa.  A little gold on the lampshade bases gives a perfect touch of understated glamour.

The clever use of the complementary colours of blue and yellow offset against the neutral grey, the small bursts of colour with freshness of white woodwork, and easy-on-the-eye symmetrical layout with the art of display, mean that this living room screams style and sophistication. Note the bright floral Birdie Blossom cushion.  (See my Birds are Everywhere in Interiors blog on 26 May 2010.)

IMAGES & LINKS: Elle Decor

Longleat Forest

I couldn't resist posting more photos of Longleat Forest, where the air is scented with honeysuckle and pine, birds sing constantly, and I enjoyed the daily sightings of deer, rabbits, grey squirrels, and numerous types of birds.  I can't wait to go back.

Oh to be in England

I went away for the Bank Holiday weekend and took lots of photos of the beautiful English countryside.....

and the mesmerising Longleat Forest at Center Parcs where I stayed.