All a Girl Needs

This girl's room has been given an elegant feel with a four-poster bed from The Children's Furniture Company.  The simple curtains and bedding made from quality fabrics keep a classy feel.. Keeping the bed and walls white leaves plenty of scope for change as the girl grows. 

This calming room (below) also has an air of simplicity and lightness.  The beautiful soft, colours impart a feeling of relaxation, and the simple hand-painted wall art keep it unique.  Again, the backdrop of white looks fresh and leaves plenty of room for flexibility as design needs change.
This room (below) has a zone for all a girl needs.  To ensure your child's room is perfect for them, ask them to draw up a list of what they want from their space.  Here we can see a study area, a dressing table, a pull-out bed for sleepovers, and good storage facilities to minimise mess, with treasured photos and keepsakes on display. 

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