An Exploration of Light

This D-17 art installation at the Rice University Art Gallery in Houston, Texas is an exploration of light which evolved after artist Sarah Oppenheimer conducted a design workshop and intensive study into how light penetrates a glass facade with architecture students where they analysed the light conditions in the space and the reflections of the gallery's walls.

An expansive aluminium plane dramatically rises up from the gallery floor and soars upwards and outwards directing your eye into the trees outside and beyond.  D-17 visually changes during the course of the day, being almost invisible in full sun with the mirrored surfaces reflecting the green of nature on the campus.  The daylight turns the building's glass exterior into a mirror.   An isolated channel of direct sunlight shines through an opening at the top of the installation.
D-17 between 16 September - 5 December 2010
Watch the video here
Photography: © Nash Baker

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