Dignified Design

Interiors which are "not loud, flamboyant or self-righteous, but toned-down and discreet, with many qualities that your body, mind and soul will discover up close, with time." This is the philosophy of the designers of the freshly-opened Nobis Hotel, in Stockholm. Neutral, mellow tones, wholesome, natural materials, and a combination of wools, wood, stone, leather and glass combined into pure luxury and meticulous attention to quality.

"The lighting is elaborate and a most important part of the rooms' atmosphere. The bathrooms are endowed with an added sense of luxury, plated with white Carrara marble from floor to ceiling," say the designers.  The traditional building with 19th century details has been renovated with a "razor sharp modern edge to the interiors, with a variety of different contemporary furniture, contrasting the traditional settings."

The hotel opened at the beginning of this month and it is a perfect example of Swedish subtlety and class from Stockholm designers and architects Claesson Koivisto Rune.

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