O Christmas Tree

Photography: David Levene for The Guardian

It's that time of year when Christmas trees are bought up and down the land, carried lovingly into homes and businesses and decorated with tinsel, lights, baubles and bells.  I couldn't bear the thought of my real Christmas tree dead, lying on the pavement for recycling lost and forlorn on January 6, so this year I've bought a real one with roots.  Hopefully, once Christmas is over it will be planted outside. 

Artist Giorgio Sadotti has made a statement by unveiling a plain, undecorated Norwegian spruce Christmas tree as the Tate's tree installation this year.  The beautiful towering tree is standing in all its glory, as nature intended.  Many people have expressed shock and surprise at this apparent lack of display, fearing that it is merely another artistic attempt at being provocative to gain attention or a sign of economic hardship.  But Sadotti says:

“I’m showing what I believe to be a naturally beautiful object.  When you see a tree in the forest you don’t think, 'that tree’s naked, it needs a bit of tinsel.’ " 

I agree with Sadotti.  I loved my little natural tree just as much before I decorated it as I did after.  Nature is beautiful and I maybe should have been brave enough to leave it bare.

Happy weekend, and thanks for reading.

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