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Touch and Sleep

Our sense of touch is heightened in a room laden with texture such as this example.  The pure cotton waffle bed linen in white looks fresh beside the fabric on the cushions, the gorgeous warmth of the wooden wall, and the sumptuous layers of throws at the foot of the bed.  A room for relaxing in! 

Bed linen from The White Company

White Luxury

Wintry weather makes us want to curl up indoors and indulge in the comforts of home.  This 400 thread count Egyptian cotton linen available from The White Company, London, provides smooth, exquisitely soft, luxury.

Where in the World?

This Thai restaurant featuring burnt wood panels, golden copper elements, organic shapes and raw textures of wood and concrete seems stark and cold but the mixture of elements creates harmony and visual impact.  You'll be surprised to hear which city it is located in.  Any guesses in the comments box below.  I'll give you the answer (and designer's name) next week. 

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Earthly Cherubs

How adorable!
This simply gorgeous, soft cotton Angel babygro is a perfect gift for all those little cherubs.  It is made with 100% soft cotton jersey and comes in a stylish organza gift bag. 

Available from Bodie & Fou

Apple Delight

This apple green ball chair designed by Finn Stone and available from Bodie & Fou comes in thirteen different Panton-inspired colours. The organic, rounded shape is striking and adds a glossy, stylish touch to a living room, child's room, bedroom or the garden, as they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  
Ball chair: Eco-friendly design made with recycled ABS (virtually indestructible polypropylene) and coated with UV-resistant and environmentally friendly gloss.  Seat height: 35cms from floor , D45cm

Something different...

This snapshot of a classically-styled room may not be the kind of interior typically featured on this site but it is nevertheless a delight.  Display techniques are used expertly to create a space which looks not only comfortable and sumptuous, but also extremely pleasing to the eye.

Designer's Secrets

A living space which is ornate yet minimal, classic yet contemporary.  How does the designer achieve this?  Simple, choose items which complement each other's style, avoid clutter, and keep your colour palette tight.  Most importantly in this room, several focal points let the eye rest comfortably around the room, such as the decorative fireplace and coordinating mirror, the beautiful window with a chair, table and flowers centrally placed, the striking pendant light fitting, and of course, the eye-catching painting.  The whole room is a work of art.

White Slice

A slice of white works along with the palest grey walls in this classic and elegant room.  The dark wood floor adds depth and links with the touches of black in the art, accessories and small furniture.

*images via hgtv.ca interior design by irene langlois

Contemporary Garden

Love the harmony of this garden and the mixture of hard and soft elements.

Zen contemporary landscape

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Taupe Living by Kelly

Elegant cornicing and floor to ceiling windows give this room its grandiose look.  Symmetry and balance are essential to the scheme but kept in line with an offset rug and varying styles of chair which echo the style  of the building.
Interior by Kelly Hoppen, with a relatively small dose of taupe

Lie Horizontal

This contemporary, open plan room is given a fresh, open feel with the use of white, strategic spot lighting and punches of black which ground the scheme.  The horizontal stripes on the right hand unit, layers of bed linen, and grain in the flooring accentuate the length of the space.

Open plan space by Gwenda Jones, Lichfield, UK

Degas and the Ballet - Picturing Movement

"A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people." 

These words from the "painter of dancers" Edgar Degas (18 July 1834-27 September 1917) speak volumes about the allure and beauty of his paintings.  At the beginning of his journey Degas was impressed by the art of the French and Italian masters and when he visited Rome in 1857 he filled 28 sketchbooks from the art he saw around him.  By 1860 he had copied no fewer than 700 Renaissance and Classical works.  Degas said: "It is essential to do the same subject over again, ten times, a hundred times. Nothing in art must seen to be chance, not even movement." 

Degas’s developed a fascination with dance and this turned into a lifelong obsession. He will always be remembered first and foremost as the painter of dancers - in the same way that Monet is for water lilies.   From the 1870s, Degas put his meticulous observations to use as he scrutinised ballerinas warming up, exercising as well as their backstage movements and he studied performances at the Paris OpĂ©ra, home of the national ballet company.  He sketched everything.

Dancer reading paper, 1878/9
Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement, at the Royal Academy (17 September-11 December 2011) chronicles the artist’s achievements in capturing the movement of ballerinas and freezing their athletic, graceful energy and vitality, often from poses that the dancers would only have held for a second.  Degas' ballerinas are not weak, frail creatures but strong, dynamic bodies which he portrayed in a way which shocked critics of his day.

Don't miss this awe-inspiring exhibition at the Royal Academy which links Degas' art to a history of early photography and film, which so influenced his work in later years.

L'Etoile, 1876
Although Degas embraced photography, the ethereal quality of his work, with muted shades, depth and mystery reveal how he observed closely and perfected his art to create intimate masterpieces.  In the artist's own words: "It is very well to copy what one sees; it's much better to draw what one has retained in one's memory. It is a transformation in which imagination collaborates with memory."

What Inspires You?

Dear Readers,
I'm sorry I've been rather slow in updating this blog recently due to overload of work.  So here's a link that should give you a quick fix of creativity and inspiration.

Perfect Placement

Careful thought to placement, colour and styling combine here to make a room which oozes character.  The smooth black is a perfect background for the art wall which is put together with art work which varies greatly in size, colour and style yet looks both unified and interesting.

Open Plan Chocolate

The chocolate coloured walls, mixture of classic and contemporary pieces and a clever use of space make this open plan apartment practical, luxurious and stylish.  

Serene Acropolis

The idea of aperture and the masonry shell of an existing house inspired the architects, David Jameson, to create this house, nestled within natural surroundings.  Four "glass temples" which allude to the Acropolis create not only breathtaking views but also allow volumes of natural light within the space and which glow in the landscape after dark.  

The interior is pared down, sleek and minimal...

A place to sit admiring the trees.  The huge windows make the most of the green views.

Glorious Greeks


If you are in London don't miss the Parthenon Marbles and other glories from Greece in the British Musuem.  Entrance is free.

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Stolen Marbles

A controversial permit from Ottoman authorities was granted to Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin, the British ambassador.  Between 1802 and 1812 Elgin's agents removed about half of the surviving sculptures of the Parthenon and transported them by sea to Britain.  They were purchased by the British govermment in 1816 and placed in the British Museum.  Critics compare Elgin's actions to vandalism or looting and most Greeks demand "give us back our marbles".  Should the marbles remain in the British Museum or be returned to Athens?


An exquisite view of a section of the Parthenon Marbles, part of a collection known as the Elgin Marbles, currently displayed in the British Museum, London. 

Engulfed by Eros

This small sculpture is quietly beautiful in its fragility and grace.


Terracotta statuette of Eros riding on the back of a woman, made in Centuripe about 200-100 BC.  
Currently displayed in the British Museum, London.

Bournemouth Beach Huts

I love the pretty colours of these beach huts in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England, which face out onto miles and miles of golden sandy beach.

Work in Style

Create an inspiration wall in your office by taking a tip from interior design magazine, Lonny.  Here they reveal how they painted part of their wall with a magnetic primer followed by two coats of blackboard paint.  The T shaped desk can seat six people comfortably in this meeting room at the Lonny offices and creative lighting gives another layer to their stylish work space.


Black is back

"I love taking simple materials and finding the beauty in them - letting things be what they are" is the philosophy of Jenna Lyons, creative director of J. Crew and owner of this Brooklyn brownstone house.  The black walls in the bedroom (painted with matt blackboard paint) create depth and intimacy with ease and comfort in the fresh, white linen and other textural elements.

IMAGES & LINKS: Brides, Photography - Melanie Acevedo

Bathed in Black

This traditional Brooklyn Victorian house has some great features with a chestnut herringbone wooden floor, long, lean windows and interesting ceilings.  The brass was sprayed with sea water to give it an aged effect to tie in with the rest of the scheme. Black is used on the walls and the side of the roll top bath to create drama and contrast resulting in an eye-catching, characterful room.
IMAGES & LINKS: Brides, Photography - Melanie Acevedo

Necker Island Burns

You may have heard of the great fire at Richard Branson's Necker Island.  Luckily everyone managed to get out safely.  Here's some images of the luxury holiday destination before it was destroyed in the fire after being struck by lightning.

Bedrooms which make the most of the endless views....

The ultimate in privacy and luxury on your own island getaway...

The outdoor pool...

Float Away in Your Sleep

French company Dolum specialise in hand made floating beds which are crafted by a team of eleven passionate craftsmen. The Parisian-made beds can be personalised by being made in different materials, colours, dimensions and styles and can be shipped all over the world.


Light up

The hand made wood veneer on this Julian light fitting, designed by 7 Gods, has a simple 5 leaf design that is hand made from wood veneer. Simple and understated, yet brimming with style.

Available from Kuki Studio