Monochrome to Colour

After yesterday's little monochrome cat I thought you'd appreciate some bright and inspiring art.  The colour and composition in these exhibits caught my eye.

This one was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Award.  It's an oil by Gillian Ayres RA, Amalfi, priced at £70,500.

I've always loved squares and dots..... this is an acrylic on canvas priced at £13,500 - Flotilla by Mali Morris RA.

 In the Scented Breeze, oil on canvas by Philip Sutton RA, £36,000....

Cycling Behind the Sea Wall, acrylic by Simon Carter, £4,000.

Thousands of paintings fought for attention as they were crammed into the Summer Exhibition 2010.  It was eye candy gone mad.  I can't wait till this year's show.

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