Stairs with a Sea Breeze

Inside the Japanese home featured here yesterday, a central light and stairwell funnels the sea breeze through the centre of the building.  Curved and straight lines create a perfect balance.  The curves, natural elements such as grass, stone and wood used through the building evoke a purist approach at one with nature yet sleek, modern and contemporary.

Photographer: Patrick Bingham Hall

IMAGES & LINKS: Guz Architects, Contemporist
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  1. Thanks for sharing these- the images are gorgeous. When I visited Japan for work some years ago I remember feeling like a kid in a sweet shop enjoying the extraordinary architecture there. I love the atrium picture here- such inspired use of a space to create an escape from four walls. The Romans were very perceptive.

    Great blog! I will bookmark.

  2. James - Yes it is beautiful isn't it? Thanks for your great comments.