Black is back

"I love taking simple materials and finding the beauty in them - letting things be what they are" is the philosophy of Jenna Lyons, creative director of J. Crew and owner of this Brooklyn brownstone house.  The black walls in the bedroom (painted with matt blackboard paint) create depth and intimacy with ease and comfort in the fresh, white linen and other textural elements.

IMAGES & LINKS: Brides, Photography - Melanie Acevedo

Bathed in Black

This traditional Brooklyn Victorian house has some great features with a chestnut herringbone wooden floor, long, lean windows and interesting ceilings.  The brass was sprayed with sea water to give it an aged effect to tie in with the rest of the scheme. Black is used on the walls and the side of the roll top bath to create drama and contrast resulting in an eye-catching, characterful room.
IMAGES & LINKS: Brides, Photography - Melanie Acevedo

Necker Island Burns

You may have heard of the great fire at Richard Branson's Necker Island.  Luckily everyone managed to get out safely.  Here's some images of the luxury holiday destination before it was destroyed in the fire after being struck by lightning.

Bedrooms which make the most of the endless views....

The ultimate in privacy and luxury on your own island getaway...

The outdoor pool...

Float Away in Your Sleep

French company Dolum specialise in hand made floating beds which are crafted by a team of eleven passionate craftsmen. The Parisian-made beds can be personalised by being made in different materials, colours, dimensions and styles and can be shipped all over the world.


Light up

The hand made wood veneer on this Julian light fitting, designed by 7 Gods, has a simple 5 leaf design that is hand made from wood veneer. Simple and understated, yet brimming with style.

Available from Kuki Studio

Albert Hoffman Takes a Trip

An interesting acrylic portrait of the Swiss scientist Albert Hoffman by Russian artist Andrei Krisanov, displayed at London's Summer Exhibition 2011 at the Royal Academy.

Albert Hoffman on His Way Home, acrylic, Andrei Krisanov, £5,700
Wherever you are going, have a great weekend and thanks for reading : )

Looking Good

Using spray paint, tissue paper and adhesive on canvas, Katy Kirbach created Looking Good (Scattered, Cross-Eyed, Doubled), £4,000 for this year's Summer Exhibition and was also honoured with The British Institution Award.

Inside the RA Summer Exhibition 2011

On a rainy Sunday in London, train cancellations meant a 35-minute journey took 3 hours but I finally arrived at the Royal Academy!   Inside the art washed away the world and the bursts of colour surrounding me comforted my psyche.  

Muted grey walls brought the shapes and colours alive...

Top right: Yesnaby Fields, mixed media on paper, Barbara Rae RA, £16,000.  Centre: Cape Cod and the Islands, oil, Ashley Hanson, £1,500.  Centre right: Bird Calls, acrylic, Maurice Cockrill RA, £6,000.  Bottom centre: Finestra Veneziana San Barnaba, 2007, acrylic, glass and pietra d'istria on wood relief, Joe Tilson RA, £24,000.  Bottom right: Together, acrylic, Mali Morris RA, £5,750.

Which is your favourite?

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011

The annual Summer Exhibition at the RA is now in its 243rd year - an amazing thought. Since the first one in 1768 it has inspired debate, provided visual delight, and combined a fascinating mix of art including painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture.  This is the world's largest open-submission contemporary art exhibition and over 1000 works of art are displayed, with the majority available for sale.  There's only one week left to the end of this year's exhibition. Be quick or you'll miss it!

The Royal Academy of Arts' courtyard entrance, off Piccadilly.....

Jeff Koons' Colouring Book sculpture is this year's courtyard showpiece...

Beautiful Meg

Beautiful Meg
25 February 1994 to 1 August 2011
Always loved.  We will miss you terribly.