Something different...

This snapshot of a classically-styled room may not be the kind of interior typically featured on this site but it is nevertheless a delight.  Display techniques are used expertly to create a space which looks not only comfortable and sumptuous, but also extremely pleasing to the eye.

Designer's Secrets

A living space which is ornate yet minimal, classic yet contemporary.  How does the designer achieve this?  Simple, choose items which complement each other's style, avoid clutter, and keep your colour palette tight.  Most importantly in this room, several focal points let the eye rest comfortably around the room, such as the decorative fireplace and coordinating mirror, the beautiful window with a chair, table and flowers centrally placed, the striking pendant light fitting, and of course, the eye-catching painting.  The whole room is a work of art.

White Slice

A slice of white works along with the palest grey walls in this classic and elegant room.  The dark wood floor adds depth and links with the touches of black in the art, accessories and small furniture.

*images via interior design by irene langlois

Contemporary Garden

Love the harmony of this garden and the mixture of hard and soft elements.

Zen contemporary landscape

Have a great weekend.  Thanks for reading.   : )

Taupe Living by Kelly

Elegant cornicing and floor to ceiling windows give this room its grandiose look.  Symmetry and balance are essential to the scheme but kept in line with an offset rug and varying styles of chair which echo the style  of the building.
Interior by Kelly Hoppen, with a relatively small dose of taupe

Lie Horizontal

This contemporary, open plan room is given a fresh, open feel with the use of white, strategic spot lighting and punches of black which ground the scheme.  The horizontal stripes on the right hand unit, layers of bed linen, and grain in the flooring accentuate the length of the space.

Open plan space by Gwenda Jones, Lichfield, UK