Santa's Getting Ready

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Golden Christmas

Christmas inspires many of us to come up with creative displays and interesting ideas.  I hope this gorgeous goose was treated kindly during its photo shoot.
Photography: The White Company
Hope you have a creative, golden weekend - thanks for reading. : )

Rockefeller Glory

From small orchids (in previous blog) to BIG trees.  This is the 10 ton, 80 feet tall by 50 feet diameter, Norway spruce, which was found in the back yard of a Flanders, New Jersey home after the recent storms.  It now graces the Rockefeller Center which is celebrating its 80th Christmas tree anniversary.

If you're in NYC this Christmas, the tree will be lit and on display until January 7.

Orchid Lover

If you're a plant or orchid lover this interesting sideboard, showcased this year at 100% Design, should tick a few boxes.  The top of the unit can be left exposed, as shown, to allow room for your prized plants, or closed for a more conventional sideboard.

Ice Cream Explosion in Norway

Ice cream flavours including strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, and mango are splashed on the ceiling like a fountain in this ice cream shop in Oslo, Norway.  Norwegian ice cream company, Diplom, wanted a new branding for their store located within an amusement park.  

The project was completed by AS Scenario Interior Architects MNIL.
Photography: Gatis Rozenfelds

Stair shapes

Another view inside the B&N House in Madrid, Spain designed by A-cero Architects. Interesting shapes form an unusual thought-provoking interior....

Spanish Style

Here's an inside peek of the B&N House in Madrid, Spain designed by A-cero Architects.  Expanses of white teamed with matt grey, which echo the colour of the tree trunks outside, give a calm, peaceful feel to an interior in tune with its stunning surroundings.

I love the grid-like method used for the space planning of the interior....

Have a super weekend. Thanks for reading. : )

New York New York

Oh, how I love New York houses!  This stunning entrance hall oozes character and charm.  

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy and we look forward to the recovery of your beautiful city.

A Weekend Project?

Are you frustrated by mess around your home?  Too much stuff and not enough organisation?  These artfully-displayed, chunky, gloss shelves might inspire you to spend the weekend rearranging and perfecting.   

Have a super weekend - thanks for reading : )

Dine by Firelight

A fresh mix of old and new combine in this elegant, contemporary dining space.  The black wall adds a dramatic, atmospheric touch and brings out the textures of the materials within the room - the crisp, white pendant, tactile wooden table, plush rugs, smooth white walls and, of course, the stunning fire place feature.

In the Lab

This Labware Conical Pendant focuses on the glass blowing process and plays with scale.  Authentics' lamps are made with mouth blown opal white glass in a high gloss finish and hand-turned bark-topped cork stoppers from Portugal.  Designed in the UK by Elle Deco's International Young Designer of the Year 2010, Benjamin Hubert, for Authentics.

Winner of the Blueprint awarded 'Best New Product' at 100 percent Design 2009. Opal Glass/Blue Flex.  Conforms to the new EU legislation and uses a low energy bulb.

Twittoo Wooo

Love this Briar Owl silver on grey wallpaper by Abigail Edwards.  The grey background is beautifully matt and the owls and branches shimmer and change with the light.

and this is her cream on white wallpaper, Owls of the British Isles.....

Intricacies of Design

The delicate, intricate quality of Alison Milner's designs stood out at Tent London 2012.  Her drawings have a freshness and lightness of touch combined here with a eco nature theme.

The Buddha of Suburbia

Brit interior company Mini Moderns launched their new collections for 2012-13 at the Tent London show last month inspired by the book The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi.

Their 'Festival' design is a celebration of highlights from the 1951 Festival of Britain.  Abstract and geometric shapes combine with linear forms in bright yet soft tones....

A Short Walk through Tent London 2012

Here are some of the things that caught my eye at the design exhibition, Tent, in London last month.  

The vastness and flexibility of seating possibilities at the Prooff 005 Sit Table by Ben van Berkel, UNStudio.  "Hang upside-down.  Sit straight up.  Move, turn, work, read, consult or relax.  Alone or together," says the blurb.  Not sure about hanging upside down but the rest sound great, if you have the space.  A great piece of Dutch craftsmanship....

Ot.tosa pluma.cubic floor lights by Heke Bukefelder and Jan-Peter ER Sonntag reminded me of the trees in Dr Seuss' recent film The Lomax.... 
 and a gorgeous chunk of coffee table....

 Moving on to knitted everything....

knitted old sofas, and light fixtures.....

even recycled, knitted cinema seats (I hate the world 'upcycled')......

A totally different texture altogether in this mirror finish Aluminium Bench by Takes Fujita for

and finally a simple, but stunning concrete clock "Facet, Time Piece" which won a 'Brilliant Design' award by JJF Studio. 

Big Room: Big Table

There's something intensely satisfying about huge tables!  This sleek, elegant table by Ilse Crawford paired with a colourful selection of classic Eames chairs by Vitra looks great against the grey backdrop, which reminds me of the walls at the Royal Academy.  

The beautiful features of the room add to its character, as does the 85 Lamp by Rody Graumans for Droog.

La Vita Loca

Spotted these great Danish lights from newcomers, Vita, at 100% Design exhibition in London.  Fluffy, feathered shapes and crisp, bright pine cones make a striking focal point without looking ostentatious.   

Rough or Smooth

These interiors have something in common - a well thought-out theme - taking into account colour, texture and display rules and each one uses these to create a mood.

A nature-themed bedroom plays on the raw textures of wood, silk, mother-of-pearl and cotton...

Repetition and simplicity bring out the rough and smooth in this hallway for a calm entrance...

An interesting focal point full of texture is created as a table centrepiece in this Victorian residence.  It would work just as well without the pinned butterflies....

Find Your Rhythm

When displaying items around your home remember the laws of symmetry and balance and combine these with colour, tone and theme. 

 and here rhythm has been added to the equation...

Finding a Common Theme...

Display is an integral part of design.  The beauty and colour of individual items can be brought to life when treasured finds are presented sparsely and simply, after grouping artefacts with a common theme or link together, like in this asymmetrical arrangement....

and here in this example, another theme is evident...

100% Work

A great work studio example created by Vitra at the 100% Design exhibition at Earls Court.  Love the high table and chairs highlighted by the shallow pendant lights.

Zeus makes an appearance in the kitchens section...

100% Design 2012

Exhibition season is here in the interiors and design world and it's a busy time of year.  Here are a few snapshots from 100% Design at Earls Court last week.  It was a bright, sunny day in London.  

Approaching the exhibition centre....

The black clad entrance was lit by a luminous, white centrepiece and star-like constellations.  A walk through the long, black hole tunnel led to the show...

 One of the first exhibitor stalls we came across.  Very retro...

The retro theme was loud and clear at 100% Design and at Tent, London, another London design exhibition.

More design exhibition photos and trends to follow.