Californian Dream

Landscape, building and topography coexist in harmony in this rural residence situated at the base of Sonoma Mountain, California, with expansive, heart-warming views across the vineyards and valley.

Respect for the land and its exposed location is clearly evident in the architecture and interior layout which has been carefully thought through by Aidlin Darling.

Interior spaces are organised along the length of the long, reflecting pool.  The house offers both panoramic views as well as intimate enclaves, achieving a sense of balance in use.

The house engages with its surroundings as it sits amongst the vines and brings the vineyard and nature's seasonal cycles into the life of the house.

The building's aspect allows passive heat gain on cool mornings and shade on hot afternoons with natural light infusing into the various spaces throughout the day.

A narrow footpath connects a series of garden rooms on the eastern side of the vineyard to a subterranean wine cellar adjacent to the dining hall.

The tactile experience of the house is enhanced with heavy stone walls juxtaposed with light steel framing, stone and wooden floors, water reflecting from the elongated pool, and of course the natural surroundings which have been highlighted with the choice of interior accessories and art.

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