Fantastic Forest Residence

This stunning Eagle Ridge residence on Orcas Island in Washington state was a dream of its artist owner for 54 years when she visited the island for the first time and longed to live there one day.  Forty years later she visited the area again and bought a piece of land on a hillside covered with madrone trees, firs, beech, thistle, moss and rocks with magnificent views. Rocks, nature and landscape have played a major role in her artwork and this was what convinced her it was the perfect site.

The client's brief was for an open, simple, low maintenance design which embraced the views of the island, forest and ledges to make them omnipresent within the house.  

Large doors slide away to open the house to the expansive views, creating a living room in the woods. Accommodation includes a combined kitchen-dining-living area, study, master suite, 800 square ft art studio and storage area.

The artist's favourite materials are old barn wood, rusty steel, moss and rocks.  The architects, Gary Gladwish Architecture, have created a beautiful home which works both aesthetically and practically.  It's a delight to behold.  

Photography by Will Austin

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