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Santa's Getting Ready

Blog on holiday until 8 January 2013.

Golden Christmas

Christmas inspires many of us to come up with creative displays and interesting ideas.  I hope this gorgeous goose was treated kindly during its photo shoot. Photography: The White Company Hope you have a creative, golden weekend - thanks for reading. : )

Rockefeller Glory

From small orchids (in previous blog) to BIG trees.  This is the 10 ton, 80 feet tall by 50 feet diameter, Norway spruce, which was found in the back yard of a Flanders, New Jersey home after the recent storms.  It now graces the Rockefeller Center which is celebrating its 80th Christmas tree anniversary. If you're in NYC this Christmas, the tree will be lit and on display until January 7 .

Orchid Lover

If you're a plant or orchid lover this interesting sideboard, showcased this year at 100% Design, should tick a few boxes.  The top of the unit can be left exposed, as shown, to allow room for your prized plants, or closed for a more conventional sideboard.