Is This Cupcake Heaven?

Is this cupcake heaven? You can almost smell the sugar-tinged air from these photos. The Cioccolato pastry boutique in San Pedro Garza GarcĂ­a, Mexico, designed by SAVVY Studio is all whiteness, lightness and sweetness! Pretty colours tantalise and the lighting is subtle and generally invisible - a sign of good design.
Pretty, tantalising cupcakes lined up perfectly. What a a delight!
Love the art wall! A trick I've used to great effect in past projects works effectively here.
Cioccolato is a pastry boutique which specialises in custom desserts for special events.
The designers explain: "We developed a sweet and festive visual identity that uses brightly-coloured elements and memorable phrases, which go well with any kind of special event."
The immaculate counter dripping with chocolate.
Subtle lighting and carefully thought-out display.
Have a sweet weekend - thanks for reading : ).

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