Revolving Beds and Wooden Baths

An interesting room which explores different dimensions such as a sunken seating area and wooden bath/shower with glass partition leading into the sleeping/living area.  Presented at the Sleep Hotel exhibition at the Business Design Centre in Islington in November 2012.  Warm, earthy colours and textures give a sumptuous, regal feel.
To watch TV in comfort or to enjoy the view the bed revolves to the desired position.
The beautiful wooden bath doubles as a shower cubicle with glass screens serving as partitions as you enter.
The beauty lies in the fact that it isn't obviously a bathing area and as you walk in you mainly notice the aesthetically satisfying wood and glass textures.
Sunken seating area with a view towards the TV or the external panorama.
I tried this out for comfort and found it deceptively spacious and comfortable.

Extravagant lighting above the seating area adds more texture and hotel glamour.

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