Symmetry and Comfort

A comforting space cleverly laid out with great use of symmetry and texture.  The fireplace wall brings interest and depth, despite the fireplace being away from the centre of the action.  It still works as it gives an extra dimension, depth and interest to the room.  The neat, regular layout of the sofas is easy on the eye and the symmetry and balance is maintained with the two lamps on the console, the cushions on the sofas and even the twin squares on the coffee table.

From this angle you can see the room offers great views to the similarly-arranged garden area which extends the space.  The sturdy, quality console table serves as a solid room divider and delineates the floor space perfectly.  The only thing I'd change is the lighting.  A more flexible scheme rather than all over spots would bring out the features of the room and add more excitement to the space.

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