The A-Z of Interior Design - D

D for display

What makes a styled interior design stand out is having the courage and a strong visual idea which is then followed through.  The art of display or home styling is what makes a home individual with a strong sense of identity.  It is all about adding the finishing touches.  This doesn't necessarily mean cluttering the space with artefacts and personal possessions - often the most stylish interior is one where less is more.

The Edwardians and Victorians loved to display their china and most treasured possessions in glass-fronted cabinets. Today’s homes have evolved into a bigger picture where whole rooms are styled and visual impact is created. The art of display, once put into practice, can achieve dramatic results. Stylists’ tricks - such as the use of scale, colour, texture or symmetry, can transform a home into a contemporary, sophisticated and striking space.

The simplest items, cleverly presented, can create the most impact...

Don’t just think about the obvious places for styling your home such as mantelpieces or beds. Arrange groups of similar objects together on a console table, or mix and match different objects to show them to their best advantage. Picture frames containing art or family photos can be arranged on walls to create attractive displays.

Consider your possessions - their form, shape, texture and colour and try to look at them through fresh eyes. Try to create areas of interest around your home to make each view interesting and dynamic. With a little imagination and an eye focused on the detail a home can be regenerated and become individual and captivating.
Photo: Ralph Lauren Home

Group treasured possessions, complementary shapes or collections together to create interesting displays...

The bed is an obvious place to display cushions, throws and bedspreads for an interesting effect.

Here a plain backdrop combines with wall-to-wall shelves which are displayed in an orderly manner and the coffee table creates another focal point…

All the details count towards the grand scheme - consider how to show off the aesthetic qualities of every object and think about each area of the room…

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