The A-Z of Interior Design - R is for….


Interior designers vary in their practices. Although there are design rules in abundance, in interior design, rules are often made to be broken and individuality, spontaneity and uniqueness are vital to avoid everyone’s homes looking like clones of each other.  Here are seven rules which you may or may not choose to follow!

Rule 1: Be creative with lighting

Nothing can beat natural light in an interior but consider the lighting requirements throughout the day. Lighting installations can become stunning focal points. Don't rely solely on pendants to light a room as they are both unflattering and ineffective. Create a flexible lighting scheme for maximum impact. Make use of table lamps, floor lamps, and accent lighting.  Read our lighting tips and tricks.


Rule 2: Create a feature wall

This rule is rather controversial as some designers may disagree with feature walls, however, they do wonders to grab attention, create focal points and instant impact. If you do go for a feature wall, ensure that you create balance and link it in with the rest of the design scheme. 
Photo: Maya Wall Tiles brass, CTO 

Rule 3: Get rid of clutter!

Acquiring possessions is something that seems to come naturally to most people. As a designer, I've seen it all…. hoarding, accumulated possessions, unwanted gifts out on display, strange collections and selective vision as to what items people are living with. I could quote William Morris, but it's been done too many times before. The rule is, if it's ugly or useless - get rid of it. Once you are left with items you love around you, it will be easier to follow the rules of display and show off what you own. 


Rule 4: Make your home feel personal

This is the direction interior design has been moving towards for some time. The days of neutral and safe are over. In 2015 more and more people are looking for ways to make their home feel individual to them and the internet has given us the outlet to explore. The world is your limit!  

Photo: Helt enkelt | Inredning – Foto – Inspiration

Rule 5: Respect the architecture

I've spent many years restoring period properties and giving them back their dignity after a decade of stripped out architraves, ceiling roses, Edwardian and Victorian fireplaces, or other period details. If you crave a contemporary look then think about overpainting in light tones of grey, rather than removing period features, and blend them in with your contemporary design to stay right on trend. 

Photo: Hampton Hotel

Rule 6: Knock down walls or extend

People love to live open plan. Although having a smaller area to study or watch TV is a popular choice, most now prefer to live in a large, family-sized, light-flooded area with expansive windows, large tables and a space plan that flows. Once you have the space, create zones with focal points, lighting, rugs, art and accent colours.

Photo: Granit Architects

Rule 7: Create a mood board

Don't buy on impulse, and don't buy matching ranges of furniture. Gather inspiration, collect swatches, samples and inspirational images to create your own look. Compile a mood board and create a vision of your room then use this as your guideline to make your home feel unique.