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Yin andYang are all about the synergy of opposing forces and the qualities of change and energy that exist in us and in our environment.  The ancient Chinese practices of acupuncture, martial arts, acupressure, Chinese herbal medicine and Feng Shui seek to maintain and balance these forces and energy (ch'i).  For example, black, winter, or night represents yin and white, day or summer represents yang.

Overall, the home is a yin environment - a place where we seek to relax, retreat, recover and restore our strength or energy.  By introducing soft lighting and carpets, music, plants and restful colours, luxurious, tactile fabrics and comforting art we are adding yin qualities.  In contrast, at work we add brighter lights, starker colours such as white, more practical accessories and furniture, harder surfaces, and images which are more focused on productivity - the yang qualities.

Balancing yin and yang within the home can influence the feel of a space. A designer should consider whether a design scheme needs to be brighter and stimulating or more peaceful and mellow, to suit those who will be using the space.

Always bring in a little of the opposite into the environment to maintain the perfect balance of yin and yang.

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