One Small Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Home

Buddha Blessings to Help Transform Your Home
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A Cheerful New Year To You 

The last book I read in 2015 was The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, by Marie Kondo (which I'll review later this month) and it certainly did start me thinking about the stuff in my home which I just don't need!  As for clients' homes - after nearly 20 years in the interior design business I've seen it all - though naturally would never spill the beans and always maintain confidentiality.

The stark fact is that, in the western world, we ALL have way too many possessions.  January is used by many as a landmark for a fresh start, clean slate or awakening of their emotional or physical world.  Clearing clutter, starting healthy eating plans, joining a gym, or getting rid of emotional baggage, for example. I urge you to resolve to clear just one area of your home - be it a desk, chest of drawers, a wardrobe, cupboard, or just one drawer.  Remove everything, clean out the space, and only put back in those items you REALLY need.  This could fill you with sparkle to tackle the rest of your home - and, I promise, you will feel so much better when each little bit is done.

Many Buddhists -  Singaporeans, Mongolians, Malaysians, Indians, Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, Japanese and some other nationalities - celebrate the New Year, or "Spring Festival", with traditional preparations which see families cleaning and painting their homes, feasting on traditional food and carrying out ancient ceremonies.

The middle of January marks the celebration of Mahayana Buddhist New Year (although many celebrate the New Year on December 31, such as Japanese Zen Buddhists.

Go on - do the one small thing to improve your home and let me know how you got on!

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  1. Anonymous2.5.16

    Thank you for this interesting post at the beginning of 2016, it inspired me to clear out my desk and office first and I have continued through to the other rooms in my apartment in small stages. At first it is a drag but feels uplifting once each section is completed. regards from a happier, uncluttered John, Harrogate.