Need an Interior Design Book?

I've enjoyed reading celebrity interior designer Darren Palmer's second book Home Space.  

Darren Palmer, enthusiastic interior designer, shares his tips on interior design

The letter-pressed title on a textured, bound cover opens to reveal Palmer's thoughts and tips on interior design principles, alongside photographs of colourful interiors with every turn of the page.

Palmer's enthusiasm for interiors comes across clearly as he takes us through a wide selection of his projects, showing the ways in which different home owners have tailored various interior design elements.  This includes storage solutions, lighting and making furniture choices for larger and smaller spaces, to reflect people's daily lives.  Practical solutions are openly shared such as how to accentuate zones, editing a room, adding layers, arranging coffee tables, rug sizes and creating focal points.

Home Space talks us through the thought processes of interior design explaining how to achieve inspiring, personalised interior spaces.

It's interesting to see how Palmer demonstrates how one room is given four brand new looks which he labels as Masculine, Feminine, Beauty and Opulent, through adapting the common elements of design and using different soft furnishings, art and accessories.

Put this on your coffee table for easy to reach interiors advice...

Published by Murdoch Books, 2016