Style Icon Reveals How to Create Parisian Chic at Home

Ines de la Fressange is no stranger to style. She was the first model to sign an exclusive modelling contract with couture house Chanel, and became Karl Lagerfeld's muse due to her incredible likeness to Coco Chanel.

Today, de la Fressange balances her life as a fashion designer, busy mother, businesswoman and author with her bestseller, Parisian Chic, captivating readers with windows into her world of French fashion and interiors.

Copyright: Country and Townhouse

In her latest book, Maison: Parisian Chic at Home, de la Fressange has combined her flair for design with the talents of her close friend Marin Montagut, who is a watercolour artist and the illustrator behind the popular Bonjour City Guide-Maps.  

Wrapped in a paper sleeve, which can be removed and unfolded to become a beautiful kaleidoscopic poster, Maison: Parisian Chic at Home steps into the colourful interiors of fifteen creative Parisians, including the authors', who divulge their design secrets, provide vibrant watercolour illustrations and eclectic mood boards.

Detail of Montagut's art...

Kaleidoscopic book cover folds out...

Montagut's art plays a major role...

Contemporary and vintage styles merge with a clever use of colour, natural materials and a wealth of creative display ideas designed to motivate the inspired reader to "Get the Look", armed with lists and tips about de la Fressange and Montagut's favourite design destinations in Paris.

The book showcases both contemporary and classic styles, but Chez Ines is like "talking a walk in the countryside"...

Chez Ines, Le Val De Grâce District, Paris
 Stylish storage solutions...

Marin and Ines...
All images (except first one) copyright Maison: Parisian Chic at Home
by Ines de la Fressange and
Marin Montagut, Flammarion, 2018.

A coffee table book you can pick up for daily inspiration or enjoy cover-to-cover for interiors a la mode.

Chameleon: The New Colour-Changing Stainless Steel Bottle

Single-use plastics are fast becoming X-rated and reusable cups or bottles for those on the go are more sought after every day.

The Chameleon is a new thermochromic stainless steel bottle that reacts to cold temperatures and reveals exactly how much is in your bottle at any time.  

Each Chameleon comes with a free sun jacket, made from tear resistant silicone which protects from bumps and scratches and harmful UV rays. The jacket is removable so you can use it when you need to. The purpose is to prolong your bottle's life and keep you away from consuming single-use plastics.

What is the bottle made of?
This stainless
steel body is covered in a thermochromic paint which enables the colour changing
process when cold liquid is added. Sealed with a rubber leak proof lid and h
andy silicone strap,
perfect for on the go
Is the Chameleon leak proof?
Indeed it is. We have been through a number of iterations on the lid design to make sure your
handbag, gym bag or kids lunchbox will stay dry.

The Chameleon comes in three colours...

The white section shows the empty area so you know how much water is left without having to look inside...

 Peach Chameleon...

Sealed with a rubber seal proof lid and carry strap...

Empty Chameleon...

Available in shops or online from February 2019.

Revolutionary Rugs!

Natural dyes are used to make these colourful 100% cotton or wool rugs individually made by local craftspeople in India.  There are so many allergens in today's homes but one benefit of these rugs, from Spanish label Lorena Canals, is that they are machine washable as well as attractive with a cosy, soft pile that is easy to care for and feels soft underfoot.

This beautiful ombre rug in emerald blue is composed of 100% cotton...

Supplied by Woven, these rugs are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and patterns.

Currently on trend, the Terrazzo Aquamarine mosaic style rug (pictured below) is 100% cotton and machine washable. The Terrazzo is also available in five more colours including Moonstone, Marble, Rose Quartz, Emerald and Sapphire.
Stylish baby's room with a contemporary twist to the 1970s terrazzo trend.

To create a Scandinavian feel, the Nordic Lines wool rug (below) has refined lines and plain colours creating a light and elegant look.  The dark lines on the neutral base emerge outwards and turn into braids.  This quality wool rug, with a 100% cotton base, is manufactured by craftspeople using the hand-tufting technique and natural dyes.  Woollen rugs are more rigid and thicker than cotton rugs.

The Sunrise rug (below) from Woven with distinctive shapes and soft hues for a bright addition to a room...

For bolder, more vibrant colours with geometric prisms, the Funk Triangles rug is made with 100% New Zealand wool...

The organic, pebbly shape of this rug is great for breaking up straight lines in a room's design...

 Elegant contrasts and crisp lines in this dining room...

Geometric lines and shapes are still popular and look fabulous when mixed together in different sizes...

Use a soft cycle without bleach to wash these rugs separately in the washing machine at 30° maximum.  They can even be tumbled dried at low temperature.

The braided lines on this pink woollen rug create a striking, contrasting effect...

Green is a favourite choice in interior design this season, contributing nature, balance and harmony.  Add a touch of the rainforest with a Monstera Leaf rug on the verdant side of the colour wheel...  

My Year in Small Drawings

Notice, draw and appreciate with this wonderfully inspiring little drawing diary packed with 52 different themes. Each page is divided into a grid so that you can doodle or draw your way through the year.   It is a journal to be filled with drawings of the things in your world.

The grid on the blank page encourages you to either draw different things you have observed whilst out and about, or you can fill each grid section with the same subject matter and practise your skills.  Perfection is not the aim and the little boxes separate and frame each drawing for you.

My page in progress.

Although it is divided under the four seasons, topics vary including People in the Distance, Sunsets, Garden Decoration (above), Skylines and Trees.  Even Street Corners, Cool Treats, and Things Washed up on a Beach find their place.

My Year in Small Drawings by Matilda Tristram, published by Leaping Hare Press

This is a holiday book with a difference, or just something to help fill those creative blips in your day.

Pick a number...

The monochrome look is epitomised in the Scandinavian style which is still so popular in today's interiors. Teamed with navy and an accent colour, like the canary yellow shown here, this simple typographical, numerical print supplied by White Black Grey creates a perfect tonal contrast in the room.

These giclee prints can be made to order with your own choice of two digits.  Choose a number to represent a significant date, your house number or any number that means something to you.  

'Digit' - a simple typographical print.  Giclee printed on premium 230gsm matte paper. Sold unframed.  Designed and produced in the UK by Gayle Mansfield Designs.

The giclee prints are vailable in two sizes 30 x 40cm or 50 x 70cm and in three colour ways: black on white, white on black or black on grey.

If numbers aren't doing it for you, maybe words will...

'Yep Yep Yep' - a typographical, monochrome print 30 x 40 cm.
Designed and produced in the UK by Gayle Mansfield Designs.

Simple prints are a great way to add a bit of personality to any room.

Giclee printed on premium 230gsm matte paper. Sold unframed and also available in black on white.

'Copenhagen' - a typographical, monochrome fine art print by SOOuK...

Giclee printed on 310g fine art paper. Sold unframed. 
Available in 2 sizes: 30 x 40cm and 50 x 70cm.

'Amore' ('love' in Italian)...

Giclee printed on premium 230gsm matte paper. Sold unframed. 
Size: 30 x 40cmDesigned and produced in the UK by Gayle Mansfield Designs.

'Nothing to See Here'...

Giclee printed on 310g fine art paper. Sold unframed. 
Available in 2 sizes: 30 x 40cm and 50 x 70cm.  Fine art print by SOOuK.

And a little French to finish off...

Giclee printed on premium 230gsm matte paper. Sold unframed. 
Size: 30 x 40cm. Designed and produced in the UK by Gayle Mansfield Designs.

A Secret Garden - a designer's dream

Murals and wall designs have become increasingly fashionable in the world of interiors.  The popularity of wallpaper took a nosedive not too long ago, but in the last two years we have seen some divine wall covering and mural collections which, together with faux finishes, like polished plaster, have made walls sparkle, glow, shimmer and impress, creating stunning rooms.

The new Mandora wallpaper collection by Designers Guild consists of wide panels which depict  enchanting and exquisite evocations of secret garden scenes, including colourful birds and flowers and ombre shaded colours.   These organic, artistic designs are countered with tailored and chic geometric patterns, all printed on easy-to-hang non-woven paper. 

Secret Garden by Designers Guild

Divine ombre in mesmerising blues.

Gorgeous aquamarine and green.

This chartreuse green is so 2018!
See also Benjamin Moore's 2024-10 Chartreuse paint or Clarke & Clarke Casanova fabric

Decorative geometric panels, with hints of garden trellis.

The Secret Garden wall covering is 140 cm wide and supplied on a three metre roll, comprising two 70cm wide drops.  The design can be hung alone or together with the Scene 2 version in this collection.

Beautiful colours and artistry.  

A Very Green 2018

Embrace this year's trend for all things green with rich, vegetable-inspired colours.   An abundance of flowers or plants from Columbia Road Flower Market, Marylebone Farmers Market or New Covent Garden Market will keep it fresh and counteract the electromagnetic radiation coming from all the devices in today's homes.

This rich, deep green wall envelopes us with its comforting hue and texture...

ABOVE: Wall covered in Épure RM 666 62 burlap wall covering in Pachira, £173.80 per m, Élitis at Abbott + Boyd. Marble and brass shelf, £62, Holly’s House. Lunga bowl, left, £24 for three; and Angel #8 artwork, £45, Curious Egg. Marcia bowl, upturned, £9, Rockett St George Decorative egg, £24, Oka. Angles vase, £68, Anthropologie. Courtesy of Livingetc.

Murals and bold floral or foliage patterns on walls create bold, uplifting statements

It doesn't have to stretch across the entire wall...

For those renting a home, a large wall panel covered with fabric or wallpaper can have a striking effect...

More flowers decorate this sideboard and the design scheme is given depth with the slate grey wall...

Green and gold are a beautiful combination on this console table from Rockett St George...

The mustard shade, gold and rich green create an opulent feel here.  The geometry in the side table is echoed in the patterns created by the classic Eiffel legs on the chair...

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