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Creating a Focal Point

A touch of genius is used to create a focal point in this eclectic seating area. The space is contemporary and bright but lacks architectural detail such as a fireplace. A Dutch Master's work adds impact. A detail of the image has been enlarged onto a giant canvas to draw the attention and create a centred feel. I particularly like the concotion of classic furniture, muted colour scheme and the injection of teal blue and mustard which add zing. LINKS AND IMAGES : ,

I Love Paris

Despite the chill in the London air today, I'm persevering with the colourful spring theme. This beautiful, French woven tapestry cushion cover caught my eye. The stunning colour combination and imagery combining French with Japanese influences creates an exotic balance. Paris Tokyo Bleu, From the Conran Shop in London IMAGE FROM

Spring Colour at Home

Designer's Guild have set the stage for beautiful colours this spring. I love the green that glows on the back wall and brings energy and vibrancy to the bursts of bright colour around the room.

Snowdrops at Benington Lordship

Delicate but regal snowdrops create a beautiful carpet beneath the trees at Benington Lordship, in the English village of Benington. We ambled through the grounds enjoying the countryside views, ate Victoria sponge cake and sipped tea in the tea room, then went straight back outside for another sharp dose of sunshine and crisp, wintery air.