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“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.” The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters

"The duty of the painter is to study nature in depth and to use all his intelligence, to put his feelings into his work so that it becomes comprehensible to others," Vincent wrote to his brother Theo. I managed to squeeze in a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts in London just before jetting off abroad for the Easter holidays. I'm so glad I did as I ended up being stranded in Cyprus and would have missed this fascinating Van Gogh exhibition altogether. Over 35 original letters reveal how Vincent Van Gogh was a highly intelligent, impassioned and gifted letter writer. His fascinating letters, rarely exhibited to the public due to their fragility, were displayed together with 65 paintings and 30 drawings and they show how Van Gogh painted his thoughts, hopes and dreams onto canvas. He was an intelligent, passionate reader with a vast knowledge of art and literature, who read fluently in Dutch, English, French and German. His art was the all-consuming subject of his cor

Home Again : )

Finally, I'm home! The no flights ban due to volcanic ash was thankfully lifted, no more volcanos erupted, and, whilst on standby, my family and I managed to get seats on a flight back to London by turning up at Larnaca's airport (Cyprus), suitcases in hand, announcing we were ready to fly. We were seated in business class and were soon back in the sunny UK. Order is restored and all is calm again. These lovely, tidy box plants give me a wonderful feeling of security and tidiness. Love this Georgian architecture. I wonder who stands on that little ledge and clips the perfect green globes.

Volcanic ash causes delay - blog will resume on return to UK

Breakfast at Spring time

Breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day. What a treat it would be to be greeted with this homely table, the smell of hot toast in the air, fresh daffodils in brightly coloured vases, and the welcoming sound of a cup of tea being poured into one of these Cath Kidston Cherry China teacups. IMAGES AND LINKS: