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Courtyard Bliss

A stone building encompassing a glass-enclosed single-storey home at the rear with a cantilevered second-storey section overlooking the woods and pool.  Located on the border of Toronto Cedarvale Ravine this stunning home designed by Drew Mandel Architects incorporates large expanses of glass and intimate, comforting courtyards combined with spacious living areas.  The family room and kitchen at the heart of the house connect with the protected woodland setting, say the designers. The family room and kitchen angled towards the courtyard... Beautiful outlook... The upper level.... The bedroom offers stunning views of the naturalised planting...

The Future of Interior Design

Is this the future of interior design?  Most of our clients want open plan areas where they can spend time with their families combining living, eating, and working areas.  Getting rid of walls lets in more than just extra light, it allows a sense of openness which is in complete contrast to the days of the Victorians where the kitchen, dining room, the parlour and living room were distinctly separate. 

Chill out

A space like this is fantastic to use almost all year round.  The doors can be flung open wide to embrace the scented summer breeze, or gingerly opened according to the weather conditions.  The streamlined design incorporates space, smooth and textured surfaces together with clever lighting. 

Open Plan Living

Open plan living is the most requested layout requested by families today.  This bright area oozes comfort and combines practicality with style and elegance.