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Hot stuff!

Wow, what a space!  This room is open, bright and looks so comfortable!  The sparseness of furnishings is counterbalanced by the clever layout, immediate feeling of comfort and connection to the garden.  The dividing fireplace breaks up the expanse and leads into the dining area.  Clever use of colour means that the tints of green, blue and orange are grounded with the blocks of taupe, white walls/ceiling and chocolate chairs. This sleek, minimal fireplace adds warmth and a feeling of cosiness to an otherwise empty room.... A sleek fireplace which has an open feel and divides the room without closing it in.  Your eye travels across the space comfortably.... Image by Alan Dyson  Here the fireplace dividing wall doubles up as a useful place to mount the television... On one side this is a sleek, crisp dining area.... for the other side of the dividing fireplace wall see next photo. Crisp, large, grey tiles on the floor increase the feeling of cleanliness and space.