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The A-Z of Interior Design - H is for Hoppen

The Queen of Taupe South African born, Kelly Hoppen rose to the top of the interior design industry although she has no formal training. In 2009 she received an MBE for services to interior design. Hoppen, who is dyslexic, began her career at 16 years old when she designed a “family friend’s” kitchen, who happened to be a famous racing driver, and moved on to design interiors including Gary Rhodes‘ restaurant, the Beckham’s LA home, hotels, ski chalets, yachts, private jets and celebrity homes around the world. Actor Martin Shaw was one of her first clients. Hoppen, who has never undertaken a project for less than £300,000, is all about luxury. Her  website  flaunts her opulent, taupe and beige product range. "The detail in our projects is so couture it's like going to Chanel for a gown. I fly my florists around the world, too. I worry about carbon footprints, but what can you do?" A typical Hoppen interior using black, white and taupe... Gary Rhodes