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The A-Z of Interior Design - K is for...

K iely, Orla - Riding the Vintage Wave Irish-born designer, Orla Kiely does not sell any of her fabrics or prints - instead, her distinctive designs and motifs adorn a huge variety of home accessories, furniture, wallpaper and fashion pieces, available at various retailers including Anthropologie, Nordstrom and HD Buttercup. Kiely’s colourful palette has ridden the tidal wave of interest in vintage style in both fashion and interiors since 1997. Her four-storey, 3,000 square foot, terraced London home epitomises her vibrant, bold look. “Go for the big thing rather than lots of little things,” advises Kiely. Mid-century style (below) with walls covered in walnut, leading into the dining room containing Kiely’s upholstered dining chairs around a vintage table.  In the hallway, Kiely's side console with gloss vases bearing her leaf motif. Kiely and her team kept the original features of the Victorian terraced house, including ceiling roses and mouldings but added a