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The A-Z of Interior Design - L is for...

L ighting - Rules, Tips and Tricks We often take the lighting in a room for granted, but it can be used very creatively.  Lighting can add drama and style.  Clever, well-thought-out lighting can reflect mood and can be adapted throughout the day, or as required.  A flat and uniformly-lit room can feel dull - so use different types of lighting depending on what the room is used for. The  interior design rule book  encompasses five different types of lighting: General lighting - also known as background or ambient lighting.  This replaces sunlight and should be bright enough for movement and use of the room without eyestrain.  Avoid fittings which cause glare.  Use pendant lights, chandeliers, spotlights and recessed down lighters. Task lighting is specific and localised to work, read or sew by.  Use desk or table lamps, directional spotlights and floor lamps to light specific areas, such as the classic Arco lamp (above).  Task lighting is especially important in ki