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The A-Z of Interior Design - M is for…..

M id-Century Modern  Retro home design has swept across the interiors world and shows no sign of waning.  The intense popularity of the style has meant that dealers are facing a severe shortage of original furniture and accessories from the post-war era.  Mid-century modern design is epitomised by clean, simple lines and natural wood finishes.  Mid-century architecture, built between 1945 to the 1970s, incorporates extensive use of glass and open spaces which connect with nature. Mid-Century Modern key design elements: * Flat surfaces, including flat roofs.  This retro home, with its matching car, interweaves with the natural surroundings… Photography: Coles Hairston * Natural materials combined with modern processes… Credit: home edit Credit: Nanette Wong, San Francisco * Split-level floors with small steps in different zones * Varying heights for furniture and walls... Credit: Hammer Architects * Simplicity in design, form and function… C