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The A-Z of Interior Design: N is for...

N ature An interior design is not complete without a touch of nature somewhere within the scheme.  Whether that be flamboyant flowers like these lanky lilies , tall twigs , or a plush faux fur throw; until that moment when natural elements are introduced, a house doesn't quite feel like a home. Flowers may not be to your taste, but natural elements can be introduced in countless ways…. Layers of comfort are introduced to this nature-inspired room.  The knitted bedspread and variety of different textures and materials give a sensual feel... Credit: Sk├Âna Hem The flowers lop casually in this curvaceous vase, adding a softness to the glamorous scheme, whilst the flickering candles evoke more of nature's physicality… Nature has been brought into the home by framing the view of the river and creating a reading haven beside the elements... Credit: © Luc Roymans The marmoreal backdrop in this kitchen adds a natural element which reaches to our senses