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The A-Z of Interior Design: O is for….

O rganic! Most modern-day homes are toxic, it's as simple as that. The place where we eat, sleep and relax is a minefield of chemicals and synthetic materials found in food, cosmetics, furniture, mattresses, textiles and sofas, which are linked to serious medical problems, as well as allergies, including asthma and eczema. Making our homes a sanctuary is not an easy, overnight fix, but there are gradual steps that can be taken towards achieving a more healthy, beautiful home. Thinking about future choices and opting for more natural, organic choices is the wise route to creating a safer sanctuary. Organise and edit your home.  De-clutter and keep dust at bay. Credit: Workshop/APD Fotógrafo: Donna Dotan Fonte: Interior Design USA Encourage natural light to flood into interiors. Remove window coverings, wherever possible. Check the eco-friendliness of textiles and look for organic, unbleached materials such as linen, hessian, wool, cotton or silk. Photo: Belveder