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The A-Z of Interior Design - S is for…

S YMMETRY AND S TYLING As humans, we instinctively feel that symmetry + balance = beauty.  However, interior design needs to be interesting, dynamic and exciting.  A completely symmetrical design can look flat, even dead. To create interest and intrigue include asymmetry (odd numbers and varying heights) within your total room composition and in your styling. Think about focal points - by all means, create balance - but don’t forget to add a “wow” factor. This can be in the form of a heart-stopping piece of art work, a stunning light fixture, or bangs of colour.  Can you see the asymmetrical lines in this interiors display? Photo: A perfectly symmetrical interior with the asymmetry in the art coming through loud and clear...  Photo: Tamara Magel  A completely symmetrical interior with the elements on each side of the room arranged in a "mirror image".  A completely balanced scheme, but does it need some asymmetry to make it more visually