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The A-Z of Interior Design - X is for...

E x ercise! This Couch Potato's Sofa Workout made me laugh.  Ten simple exercises - using your sofa - for a full body workout... Image courtesy of: sofa If you can't see the image large enough go directly to the Sofa Sofa website .

The A-Z of Interior Design - W is for...

The W ow Factor! We are nearing the end of our A-Z of Interior Design, which I hope you are all enjoying! One of my three rules as an interior designer is to always create a wow factor in each room.    This can be a splendid p iece of art, a spectacular sculpture, a  quirky or eye-catching item of  furniture, a pop of colour, textural effects , a wall design which shouts for attention,  e.g.   hand painted art or a beautiful wallpaper, a quirky use of scale or basically anything which will demand attention and be attractive to the senses.   This beautiful flooring creates a wow factor in this simply styled room... Floor tiles TYPE-32 SLIMTECH by LEA CERAMICHE | Diego Grandi Colombo Ceramiche A teepee is certain to wow young children … home adore A subtle recess with inset spot lighting adds a layer of interest to this space… A jib door… with its secret connotations adds mystery and drama… buzzfeed Wow can mean unusual or