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How to Use and Make Art Affordable, Accessible and Fun

A rt plays a huge role in making a home feel personal. My clients will often have their own art displayed when I first meet them and what I see hanging on the walls is an interesting, sometimes fascinating, window into their tastes, especially their colour and design preferences.  Irene Jones' quirky acrylic character ‘Celeste Catro' by Hybrid. 17x17cm, £600. Where to Find Art That's Affordable If you're searching for original art, I highly recommend the  Affordable Art Fair  coming up in Bristol from 9 – 11 September and London's Battersea from 20 – 23 October.  The Affordable Art Fair has revolutionised and democratised the art market with its accessible approach, bringing art as low as £50 to its three UK locations: Battersea Park, Hampstead Heath, and Bristol. It’s become a global phenomenon with 15 fairs in 11 cities across several continents. Hundreds of emerging and established artists from across the globe will exhibit their work a