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Pick a number...

The monochrome look is epitomised in the Scandinavian style which is still so popular in today's interiors. Teamed with navy and an accent colour, like the canary yellow shown here, this simple typographical, numerical print supplied by White Black Grey  creates a perfect tonal contrast in the room. These giclee prints can be made to order with your own choice of two digits.  Choose a number to represent a significant date, your house number or any number that means something to you.   'Digit' - a simple typographical print.   Giclee printed on premium 230gsm matte paper. Sold unframed.    Designed and produced in the UK by Gayle Mansfield Designs . The giclee prints are vailable in two sizes 30 x 40cm or 50 x 70cm and in three colour ways: black on white, white on black or black on grey. If numbers aren't doing it for you, maybe words will... 'Yep Yep Yep' - a typographical, monochrome print 30 x 40 cm. Designed and produced in the UK by