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Support your local independent restaurant

Amazing independent restaurants, such as Per Tutti , based in St Albans and also in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, have been serving delicious food and providing fantastic service for diners.  But the Covid-19 pandemic has brought chaos and uncertainty for establishments like these.  Not only is their Italian-inspired food delicious, but the spacious interiors are stylish and comfortable, designed by Bright Space Design .  Both venues are usually fully booked, but this is sadly not possible in the current climate, although measures have recently been put into place by the owners to help diners eat safely, such as the installation of special screens.  However, the restaurants have been offering a take-away service for those who don't want to miss out on their wonderful menu.  Do call and order and support these restaurants as we don't want to reach the end of the pandemic to find that unique and wonderful places like these are lost.   The Berkhamsted branch (below) with 'David&