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8 Cost-Friendly, Stylish Gifts

Grab a drink (hot or cold) and settle down with some relaxing music or your favourite podcast.  Gather your ribbons, tags and gift paper and start wrapping early to avoid the last minute stress.  Here is a little selection of presents to set you on your way towards preparing for Christmas, which will hopefully give you plenty of ideas.   From left to right:  Tea Fishermen (in box).  Four delightful Chinese style fishermen who calmly sit on the edge your tea cup.  Based on the old tale of Jiang Taigong, who used straight fish hooks because he believed the fish would come to him when they were ready.  With these stylish, white little silicon men holding your hooks, you can also wait patiently while your tea steeps.  We enjoyed these in the office as you can individualise your mug and avoid tea cup mayhem. On books: Neal's Yard Remedies  beautifully scented candle in glass jar made from organic beeswax and plant-oils with a textile wick.  Choose from Balancing, Calming or Uplifting;