Inspired by NYC's Tribeca

I'm not sure if Robert de Niro would be impressed but this contemporary, black table lamp is inspired by New York's Tribeca area and is ideal if you want to add a boutique hotel look to any room.
Black Tribeca Table Lamp by It's About Romi at

An Exploration of Light

This D-17 art installation at the Rice University Art Gallery in Houston, Texas is an exploration of light which evolved after artist Sarah Oppenheimer conducted a design workshop and intensive study into how light penetrates a glass facade with architecture students where they analysed the light conditions in the space and the reflections of the gallery's walls.

An expansive aluminium plane dramatically rises up from the gallery floor and soars upwards and outwards directing your eye into the trees outside and beyond.  D-17 visually changes during the course of the day, being almost invisible in full sun with the mirrored surfaces reflecting the green of nature on the campus.  The daylight turns the building's glass exterior into a mirror.   An isolated channel of direct sunlight shines through an opening at the top of the installation.
D-17 between 16 September - 5 December 2010
Watch the video here
Photography: © Nash Baker

Star-Shaped House

A star-shaped house blends with the Kuwait coastline and is designed in such a way so as to make the most of the sea view.  Designed by AGi Architects the house is approached from the desert and incorporates a main house, two bungalows, a boat house and an infinity pool in the garden.

View from the roof towards the sea....

From this view it resembles a white box with angles jutting out...

The three-way staircase at the centre of the building...
Photography ©Nelson Garrido

Dining Curves

The curved lines and stretchered, splayed legs of this dining table give it a distinct and interesting design.  I love the way it has been teamed up with the rounded bench and contemporary classic chairs to give it a timeless appeal.  Made from a mixture of solid oak and veneer, the grain of the wood adds texture and warmth.

Part of the Rigby range at John Lewis.

Couldn't Resist

Here's one more UK cushion design by Helkatdesign.  I just couldn't resist those eyes!

And here's the cushion on its own.

More Made in Britain

With the announcement of the engagement of Prince William this week, we must prepare ourselves for a surge in patriotic designs and the faces of William and Kate emblazoned on interiors accessories, from bedspreads to teapots. A strong British/London interior design theme is going on through Jan Constantine's cushion selection which the company advertise as "hand embroidered heirlooms of the future".  Will they be making a Will & Kate cushion soon, I wonder.

Congratulations to the stunning couple and wishing you all a loving weekend.  Thanks for reading : )

Made in Britain

These quietly exquisite cushions are hand printed in Wiltshire.  Helkatdesign offer a vast array to choose from in a riot of texture and muted colours with stunningly simple yet eye-catching designs.

The textures and deliberate imperfections of these British-made cushions are brought out with the company's love for hessian and linen.   

A Modern Entrance

This contemporary house greets you with its modernity.  A family home set on a rural site in the mountainous Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil, in the city of Bento Gonçalves surrounded by araucarias trees - the native species of the region.

The rectangular house is made with reinforced concrete and brick and is elevated .90 cms from the ground.  At night it almost seems like it is floating on air. 

IMAGES & LINKS: Contemporist, Studio Paralelo
Photography by Eduardo Aigner

Magnet in Style

If you need a magnet, this set of mutii-coloured magnets in all the letters of the English alphabet (26), with beautiful ornate lettering, will do a stylish job on a noticeboard, fridge, or other magnetic surface.  Available in their own box from Hunky Dory Home.

Very British Interiors

Here's a very British look.  This Madame Coco sofa from the Sofa Workshop in London is a gorgeous shape and works well in a contemporary and traditional interior design scheme. 

Great fabric detail.....

And here it is covered in a striped fabric.  The store will cover in any fabric you choose and have thousands to choose from.  

Do you like this colour?

Have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for reading : )

Sound Interior Design

Unconventional shapes and eye-catching designs come in the form of sound modules by Architettura Sonora. Suspended, they look like distorted light fittings, or something futuristic.  Sound is often overlooked in interior design, but here interior designers have a way to are able to re-design the acoustic perception of space and the sound experience within a room.  Architettura Sonora create a wide variety of sound modules for masking noise, playing music and other creative sound solutions.

IMAGES & LINKS: Architettura Sonora

Contemporary British Interior Design

With winter coming and the nights getting colder and darker, a British living room like this offers a welcome escape from the elements. The interior design is kept simple allowing the various patterned elements to stand out .  A beautiful ornate mirror above the mantelpiece gives stately glamour and the patterned rug and soft furnishings offer comfort as well as style.

IMAGES & LINKS: Living etc

London Light and Interior Design

London is not famed for its quality of light.  Being an interior designer in London means that you have to take into account different factors, and the lighting aspect is crucial before beginning to design any scheme.  Victorian and Edwardian properties, for instance, often do have beautiful, elegant tall windows, but, if they are facing north, then the light flooding into a room will not be intense enough.  Interior design decisions should have facts such as these at their core.  Click here for more on this subject: Learn About Aspect and Light .

IMAGES & LINKS:  Bright Space Design

And So To Bed...

The minimal master bedroom with its ensuite from the Italian apartment revealed in yesterday's blog....

and (below) the children's room where the unavoidable collection of toys and other childhood objects are on show.  However, the room is cleverly designed with ample storage and an expansive 'desk' area for study or play.

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend - thanks for reading!

IMAGES & LINKS: MZC Architects, Contemporist

A Space in Italy

Light, light, and more light, floods into every crevice of this huge Italian apartment. All the surfaces reflect natural and artificial light giving the space an overexposure effect.  From this aspect it doesn't look too expansive.....

but once you peek inside it has a tardis effect...

IMAGES & LINKS: MZC Architects, Contemporist 

Spartan Dining

Is this too Spartan for you?  I love the simplicity, smoothness and pared down design which highlights the shapes of the design classic chairs.  The lime green pops out amid a monochrome room, which although is sparse, has all you ever need from a dining room.... a huge table and comfortable seats.

IMAGES & LINKS: Colour Now, Kevin McCloud

Autumn on a Cushion

Autumn is my favourite time of year.  Love this Autumn Wood cushion designed by Ella Doran available at John Lewis.