The A-Z of Interior Design - Z is for...


A restful night's sleep is vital for our health and well being.  With that in mind, I couldn't resist showing you the second most expensive bed in the world.  It actually floats in the air!  To stop it drifting away (as appealing as it sounds, this is not that practical) strong wires are attached to "anchor" the floating bed to the walls.  The floating is achieved with magnets which weigh 680 kg. And the price? You can float into the land of nod for a cool million pounds (UK sterling).  
Designer, Janjaap Ruijssenaars took seven years to create the world's first floating bed.

And so I skip to the eighth most expensive bed in the world (below)… the Monarch Vi-Spring Bed, which comes in at just over £32,000. This bed's focus is on comfort and boasts more than 3000 springs - a princess would find it hard to feel a pea under this super cushioned, high quality mattress, stitched and finished in Devon, with hand crafted fabrics.
Vi-Spring want to make sleep a life changing experience.

Hotels are to blame for countless night's loss of sleep, with 43% of guests tossing and turning due to uncomfortable mattresses.  Not so at the super cool, eco Hotel Ecluse in Luxembourg!  Here I enjoyed an amazing sleep experience, with far reaching views over the Moselle River and vineyards towards Germany, on an enormous bed which adjusted at the press of a switch to various angles.  I wish I had one of their beds at home.
The super-cool, eco Hotel Ecluse

For those who'd rather not spend thousands on their bed, but still want quality, Stay in Bed supply stylish, pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses developed by NASA. Check out their 8 Tips for Choosing the Best Bed.

We lose about a pound of dead skin cells a year, and this is just one of the many reasons that you should think about changing your mattress every seven years, according to The Sleep Council.

I love the comfort and cocooning effect of this headboard...

However, a good night's sleep is not just about the bed. Creating a restful environment for sleep is vital and the bedroom is the ultimate comfort zone. When designing your bedroom, try to seduce all the senses - but that's another blog story.

An industrial style bed combined with mid-century Scandinavian design...
Brunel bed by Heals

Finally, the most expensive bed in the world - reportedly sold for £4 million - is made out of 24K pure gold that weighs over 90 kg and three types of wood. It's an extravagant design by Stuart Hughes, the British design studio in Liverpool, who worked with Italian company Hebanon and Fratelli Brasile Interiors.  Take a look and let me know what you think - it certainly isn't to everybody's taste - whatever the price tag may be.
We have reached the final chapter of my A-Z of Interior Design - hope you've enjoyed it!  Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.

The A-Z of Interior Design - Y is for...

Yin andYang are all about the synergy of opposing forces and the qualities of change and energy that exist in us and in our environment.  The ancient Chinese practices of acupuncture, martial arts, acupressure, Chinese herbal medicine and Feng Shui seek to maintain and balance these forces and energy (ch'i).  For example, black, winter, or night represents yin and white, day or summer represents yang.

Overall, the home is a yin environment - a place where we seek to relax, retreat, recover and restore our strength or energy.  By introducing soft lighting and carpets, music, plants and restful colours, luxurious, tactile fabrics and comforting art we are adding yin qualities.  In contrast, at work we add brighter lights, starker colours such as white, more practical accessories and furniture, harder surfaces, and images which are more focused on productivity - the yang qualities.

Balancing yin and yang within the home can influence the feel of a space. A designer should consider whether a design scheme needs to be brighter and stimulating or more peaceful and mellow, to suit those who will be using the space.

Always bring in a little of the opposite into the environment to maintain the perfect balance of yin and yang.

Explore this concept further on a Feng Shui in Interior Design one day workshop with Bright Space Design, or read one of the many books on the subject.