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A den that children and parents will love

Parents with young children have been going slightly stir crazy during lockdown and the current pandemic has made it imperative that home is somewhere we can all escape to and find space to relax in peace.  This fabulous Hideaway from British brand,  Plum Play  embraces the outdoors for stimulating outdoor activities which encourage a sustainable and active lifestyle.  It not only looks amazing but also creates a perfect den, play area or chill out space where parents can have story time or creative lessons with their children. A fantastic alternative classroom! The Hideaway is crafted from sustainably sourced wood and designed to help shape future nature-lovers.  It has a unique fabric door, includes a planting area and can be a useful resource to teach children about nature or gardening. They can learn to nurture their own plants and flowers or grow vegetables.  The built-in planter could even be turned into a sand or mud pit. Children can create mud pies on the counter and write the

An Extraordinary "Before and After"

If you love ' before and after' photos of interiors you're going to love this one! This space was once a standard sized bungalow which hadn't been altered or renovated since it was built in the 1930s.  Now it it has been extended to create a beautiful, spacious, open plan room at the rear which is flooded with natural light. The new pitched roof has created a feeling of endless space looking towards the sky through the roof lights. Open plan living with an oak herringbone parquet floor throughout.  Details such as the Calacutta quartz worktops bring interesting detail and texture...   Light floods into the kitchen from three angles.  This is the front view which used to be a bedroom next to the garage... The large island has ample cooking and food preparation space, as well as being a great place to arrange a buffet. (Those were the days when we thought of family gatherings and parties!  Hoping to return to these one day soon.) The tall, elegant chimneys on the bungalo