Not Elvis's Building

In the Forest Hills area of Nashville, Tennessee this innovative home's interior design breaks from the traditional home decor in the area. The owners wanted a connection with the outside and the soaring height of the windows allows the southern sun to beam right through.

Angelina Jolie gazes over the stylish hallway.....

Even the serene bathroom incorporates the natural surroundings....
Images courtesy of Architectural Digest

Stair Flair

A high stairwell is a perfect excuse to create an art gallery and transform what is often a plain walk-through into an inspiring display of artistic expression.

Snow in the Village

Snow fell quietly and steadily from early morning well into the night yesterday in this Hertfordshire village. Here's the scene around the village church where, despite the deserted, silent streets and the odd walker or children playing, the church bells still rang happily every hour.  Such a peaceful place.

Beautiful church built in the 1700s.

And nearby in the village....

Is This Cupcake Heaven?

Is this cupcake heaven? You can almost smell the sugar-tinged air from these photos. The Cioccolato pastry boutique in San Pedro Garza GarcĂ­a, Mexico, designed by SAVVY Studio is all whiteness, lightness and sweetness! Pretty colours tantalise and the lighting is subtle and generally invisible - a sign of good design.
Pretty, tantalising cupcakes lined up perfectly. What a a delight!
Love the art wall! A trick I've used to great effect in past projects works effectively here.
Cioccolato is a pastry boutique which specialises in custom desserts for special events.
The designers explain: "We developed a sweet and festive visual identity that uses brightly-coloured elements and memorable phrases, which go well with any kind of special event."
The immaculate counter dripping with chocolate.
Subtle lighting and carefully thought-out display.
Have a sweet weekend - thanks for reading : ).

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

It's the middle of January already!  This colourful wallpaper from Mr Perswall can be used to personalise a space and here it spells one of my new year's resolutions.  What's yours?

Revolving Beds and Wooden Baths

An interesting room which explores different dimensions such as a sunken seating area and wooden bath/shower with glass partition leading into the sleeping/living area.  Presented at the Sleep Hotel exhibition at the Business Design Centre in Islington in November 2012.  Warm, earthy colours and textures give a sumptuous, regal feel.
To watch TV in comfort or to enjoy the view the bed revolves to the desired position.
The beautiful wooden bath doubles as a shower cubicle with glass screens serving as partitions as you enter.
The beauty lies in the fact that it isn't obviously a bathing area and as you walk in you mainly notice the aesthetically satisfying wood and glass textures.
Sunken seating area with a view towards the TV or the external panorama.
I tried this out for comfort and found it deceptively spacious and comfortable.

Extravagant lighting above the seating area adds more texture and hotel glamour.

Trees Inspire

I'm back!  Happy new year to all my readers, subscribers and visitors to my blog!  Thanks for reading my occasional rant and hopefully enjoying the images.  I hope the year ahead brings you enlightenment, peace and love.  

I'll begin 2013 with this extract from The Secret Life of Trees.  Colin Tudge's book is described as "A love-letter to trees," by the Financial Times, and "One of those books you want everyone to have already read," by the Sunday Telegraph.  I was delighted to open my copy on Christmas morning....

Trees inspire: The Buddha received inspiration under a peepul tree.
I hope you enjoy a creative year ahead and find your own place or places of inspiration.